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Monday, January 31, 2011

Cracked & Free Apps Download List from Cydia *HUGE*

HUGE list of CRACKED & FREE Cydia apps for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

Will update frequently!

 Action Menu
Action Menu 1.0.3 (Cracked).deb
Plus Pack 1.0.2 for Action Menu.deb
Icoz 1.0 for Action Menu.deb
Tinyurl 1.0 for Action Menu.deb

Activator (French) 1.2-1.deb
Activator 1.4.2.deb

A Blue Desire Cydget 1.0 (Cracked).deb
A Currency Calculator 1.1.deb
All in One Cydget 1.0.deb
All in One Cydget 1.1.deb
All in One Cydget 1.2.2.deb
All in One Cydget 1.3.1.deb
All in One Cydget 2.0.deb
All in One Cydget 2.0-1.deb
All in One Cydget 2.1.deb
All in One Cydget 2.1.2.deb
All in One Cydget 2.1.3.deb
All in One Cydget 3.1.4.deb
All in One Cydget 3.1.5.deb
All LCD Dashboard Cydget 1.0.deb
A Japan Theme Clock 1.0 Cydget (Cracked).deb
Aquarium Cydget 1.0 (Cracked).deb
Aquarium Cydget 2.0 (Cracked).deb
Aquarium Cydget 2.1 (Cracked).deb
Aquarium Cydget 2.3 (Cracked).deb
Aquarium Cydget 3.0 (Cracked).deb
Aquarium Cydget 3.1 (Cracked).deb
Aquarium Cydget 3.3 (Cracked).deb
Contacts Cydget 1.0.4.deb
Contacts Cydget
Cool Tic Tac Toe Cydget 1.0.deb
Currency Cydget 1.1.deb 
CyCalc Cydget 1.0.deb
CyDialer 0.93-1 (Cracked).deb
Cydget 0.9.3086-1.deb
Cydget 0.9.3141-1.deb
Digg Cydget 1.0.deb
eBuddy Cydget 1.0.deb
HTC Cydget 1.0.deb
HTC Hero Cydget 1.0.deb
HTC Plugin 1.3.1c.deb
HTC Sense Cydget 1.0.1.deb
HTC Sense Cydget 1.0.3.deb
HTC Sense Cydget 1.0.4.deb
HTC Sense Cydget 1.1.0-1.deb
HTC Sense Cydget 1.1.1.deb
iFacebook Cydget 0.1.deb
iMyspace Cydget 0.1.deb

6 Icon Dock 1.0.deb
7 Icon Dock 1.0.deb
8 Icon Dock 1.0.deb
Dock 1.0.1 (Cracked).deb
Dock 1.1    (Cracked).deb
Dock 1.1.2 (Cracked).deb

GT Font 1.0.deb

Arcade Saloon 1.0.1.deb
Brujula-Chess 2.0.deb
Brujula-Poker 2.0.deb
Brujula-Reversi 1.1.deb
gpSPhone 6.6.0 (Cracked).deb
gpSPhone 6.6.7 (Cracked).deb
HexaBeep 1.0.deb
Hit Obama 1.0.1.deb
iPhone Bash 1.0.deb
iPhone Bash 1.1.deb
iPhone Bash 2.0.deb

4x3 with a Blank Top Row Layout for Iconoclasm.deb
5x3 Layout 1.0 for Iconoclasm.deb
5x4 with Blank Top Row Layout for Iconoclasm.deb
8x5 Layout for Iconoclasm 1.0.deb
Checkerboard Layout for Iconoclasm_1.0.deb
Cornerless Layout for Iconoclasm 1.0.deb
Iconoclasm 1.0-1 (Cracked).deb
Iconoclasm 1.1    (Cracked).deb
Iconoclasm 1.2    (Cracked).deb
Iconoclasm 1.3    (Cracked).deb
Iconoclasm 1.4.1 (Cracked).deb
Iconoclasm 1.4    (Cracked).deb
Iconoclasm 1.5    (Cracked).deb
Iconoclasm 1.6.2 (Cracked).deb
Iconoclasm 1.6    (Cracked).deb

Auto Silence Toggle 2.0.0001 for SBSettings.deb
CallTell SBSettings Toggle 1.0

SBSettings Themes
Apple Congruency 3.0 (SBSettings Theme).deb

5 Row Keyboard iOS (Cracked).deb
App Switcher Brightness 1.0 (Cracked).deb
App Switcher Brightness 1.2 (Cracked).deb
App Switcher Rotator 0.1     (Cracked).deb
App Switcher Rotator 1.1-1  (Cracked).deb
Badges 1.1.1.deb
Badges 1.1.3.deb
Barrel 1.0.0-32 (Cracked).deb
Barrel 1.1.0      (Cracked).deb
Barrel 1.2.1-1   (Cracked).deb
Barrel 1.4.0-1   (Cracked).debFive-Colomn Springboard.deb
CarrierLogoFixer 0.1.deb

Categories 2.26.6   (Cracked).deb
Categories 2.26      (Cracked).deb
Categories 2.27.90 (Cracked).deb
Categories 2.28      (Cracked).deb
Categories 2.29      (Cracked).deb
Categories 2.99.3.deb
Categories 2.99.4-4.deb
Categories 2.99.5.deb
Categories 2.99.9-2 (Free).deb
CategoriesSB 1.0.2    (Cracked).deb
CategoriesSB 1.1       (Cracked).deb
CategoriesSB 1.2       (Cracked).deb
CategoriesSB 1.4       (Cracked).deb
CategoriesSB 1.5.1    (Cracked).deb
CategoriesSB 1.5.3    (Cracked).deb
CategoriesSB 1.6.1    (Cracked).deb
CategoriesSB 1.6.2    (Cracked).deb
CategoriesSB 1.6.3    (Cracked).deb
CategoriesSB 1.6.6-1 (Cracked).deb
CategoriesSB 1.7-1    (Cracked).deb
Categoriessb_1.7.4-1 (Cracked).deb
Five-Column Springboard 1.1.deb
FolderEnhancer 1.0.3-1 (Cracked).deb
FolderEnhancer 1.0.4-1 (Cracked).deb
FolderEnhancer 1.1.0-1 (Cracked).deb
FolderEnhancer 1.1.1-1 (Cracked).deb
FolderEnhancer 1.1.2-1 (Cracked).deb
FolderEnhancer 1.1.3-1 (Cracked).deb
FolderEnhancer 1.1.4-1 (Cracked).deb
FolderEnhancer 1.1.5-1 (Cracked).deb
FolderEnhancer 1.3.3-1 (Cracked).deb
Graviboard 1.02-1 (Cracked).deb
Graviboard 1.04-1 (Cracked).deb
Graviboard 1.05-1 (Cracked).deb
Gridlock 1.0.4-1 (Cracked).deb
Gridlock 1.1.1-1 (Cracked).deb
Gridlock 1.2-1    (Cracked).deb
Gridlock 1.2.3-2 (Cracked).deb
Gridlock 1.2.4-1 (Cracked).deb

Adblock 3.1.deb [How to Crack Adblock 3.1]

AddCallHistory 2.0-01.deb
AddCallHistory 2.1-01.deb

AdMob BeGone 1.0  (Cracked).deb

afc2add 1.01.deb

Air Play Speaker.deb
Air Play Speaker 1.0  (Cracked).deb

Alcohol Calc 1.0.deb
Alcohol Calc_1.1.deb

AndroidLock 1.0-2.deb
AndroidLock 1.0-3.deb
AndroidLock 2.0-1.deb
AndroidLock FR 3.0.0 (French).deb
AndroidLock FR 3.2.1 (French).deb
AndroidLock XT 1.2    (Cracked).deb
AndroidLock XT 2.2    (Cracked).deb

Anonymous Email 2.0.1.deb
Anonymous Email 2.0.2.deb

AnyRing 3.80  (Cracked).rar
AnyRing 3.0.2 (Cracked).deb
AnyRing 3.0.3 (Cracked).deb
AnyRing 3.2.1 (Cracked).zip
AnyRing 3.2.2 (Cracked).zip

AppBackup 1.0.11-1.deb
AppBackup 1.0.12-1.deb
AppBackup 1.0.13-1.deb

AppBox 3.2.1.deb
AppBox 3.2.2.deb

AppBrowser 2.0.deb
AppBrowser 2.0.1.deb

AppCake 1.0 (Cracked).deb
AppCake 1.1 (Cracked).deb
AppCake+ 2.0.2b
AppCake+ HD 2.0.2b - for iPad & iPhone 4

AppCrackr 1.3.1.deb
AppCrackr 1.4.deb
AppCrackr 1.5.deb
AppCrackr 1.5.1.deb
AppCrackr 1.5.1-1.deb

AppFlow 10.0.deb

Apple Wallpapers 1,500+ 1.5.deb

AppLinks 1.4.deb
AppLinks 1.5.deb

AppLocket 1.3.0 (Cracked).deb
AppLocket 2.2.0 (Cracked).deb
AppLocket 3.1    (Cracked).deb

appPack 1.0.deb

App Search 1.0.deb

AppSync 4.1 v1.0.1.deb (iOS 4.1)
AppSync 4.0 v1.0.2.deb (iOS 4.0,4.0.1)
AppSync 3.1 v1.0.1.deb (iOS x3)


AskToSend 1.0-5 (Cracked).deb

Ass Shake 1.0.deb

ATimeTool 1.2.1 (Cracked).deb
ATimeTool 1.3-1 (Cracked).deb
ATimeTool 1.4    (Cracked).deb
ATimeTool 1.6    (Cracked).zip
ATimeTool 1.7    (Cracked).deb

AttachmentSaver 1.1.0  (Cracked).deb
AttachmentSaver 1.4.0  (Cracked).deb

ATube Video Downloader 2.0.deb
ATube Video Downloader 2.7-2.deb

Auto3g v1.4.0    (Cracked).deb
Auto3g v1.5.0-2 (Cracked).deb
Auto3g v2.0.2    (Cracked).deb
Auto3g v2.0.4    (Cracked).deb
Auto3g v3.0       (Cracked).deb
Auto3g v3.0.1    (Cracked).deb

Auto Shutdown 1.0-1 (Cracked).deb
Auto Shutdown 1.0-2 (Cracked).deb

Auto Silent    (Cracked).deb
Auto Silent    (Cracked).deb

Baby Names Gen 1.0.deb

Backgrounder svn.r330-3.deb
Backgrounder svn.r338-1.deb
Backgrounder svn.r558-1.deb

Backliter 1.1 (Cracked).deb

BatteryLogger Lite 0.5 (Free).deb

BatteryControl 1.1.0 (Cracked).deb
BatteryControlPremium 1.0.1 (Cracked).deb

BinaryConvert 1.0.deb

biteSMS 5.0       (Cracked).deb
biteSMS 4.98     (Cracked).deb
biteSMS 4.97     (Cracked).deb
biteSMS 4.95     (Cracked).deb
biteSMS 4.8b1   (Cracked).deb
biteSMS 4.7       (Cracked).deb
biteSMS 4.6       (Cracked).deb
biteSMS 4.5       (Cracked).deb
biteSMS 4.4.1    (Cracked).deb
biteSMS 4.4       (Cracked).deb
biteSMS 4.2.1    (Cracked).deb

blacksn0w RC2 1.1.deb
blacksn0w RC2 1.0.deb
blacksn0w RC2 0.3.deb
blacksn0w RC2 0.3.rar
blacksn0w RC2.deb
blacksn0w RC2.rar

BlankNull 1.1.0.deb

BlinkAvoid 1.0.deb

BoobShake 1.0.deb

BossPaper 1.2.1.deb
BossPaper 1.1.3.deb
BossPaper 1.1.2.deb
BossPaper 1.1.1.deb

BossPrefs 3.0.4 (No Ads).deb

Brujula-WebCams 1.0.deb

BTstack 0.1-551.deb
BTstack 0.2-975
BTstack Mouse 0.1-23116.deb
BTstack Mouse 0.1-23165.deb

BTstack GPS 1.5-25900.deb

C4Crack.debC4Crack 1.2rc.deb


RemindMeLater 1.0.1-7.deb
RemindMeLater 1.2-225 (Cracked).deb 

Call Counter 3 v2.2-2 (Cracked).deb

Call And Excuse 1.0.deb

CallClear 2.5.deb
CallClear 3.0-1 (Cracked).deb

CallController 1.8  (Cracked).deb
CallController 1.9  (Cracked).deb
CallController 2.3_(Cracked).deb
CallController 2.5_(Cracked).deb

CallData (French) 0.90.deb
CallData 3.0.3.deb

CallLock 1.0.2 (Cracked).deb
CallLock 1.3    (Cracked).deb

CallTell 2.0-1   (Cracked).deb

Camel Browser 0.0.3.deb

Cerebro 1.0.deb
Cerebro 1.1.deb

ChatPic 1.1 (Cracked).deb

Chronus 2.18 (Cracked).deb
Chronus 2.2   (Cracked).deb

Circuitous 1.0.deb
Circuitous 1.1.deb
Circuitous 1.2.1.deb
Circuitous 1.2.deb
Circuitous 1.2f.deb

ClearCam 1.1.2 (Cracked).deb

ClockHide 1.6.0.deb

CodeThemed 1.0.1 (Cracked).deb
CodeThemed 1.1    (Cracked).deb
CodeThemed 1.2    (Cracked).deb [mirror 1]
CodeThemed 1.2    (Cracked).deb [mirror 2]

Dynamic Pager.plist

Curiosity Killer 1.0.deb

Custom Home Button 1.0.2-1.deb

Cycorder 0.9-6.deb
Cycorder 0.9-6 (Cracked).deb


CyDelete 2.0.2-1 (Free).deb
CyDelete 2.0.4-1 (Free).deb

Cydia 1.0.2953-59.deb
Cydia 1.0.3044-65.deb
Cydia 1.0.3044-66.deb
Cydia 1.0.3172-68.deb

Cydia Download Stats 1.0.deb

CyDialer 0.9.27-1 (Cracked).deb
CyDialer 0.9.30-1 (Cracked).deb
CyDialer 0.93-1    (Cracked).deb

Cyfix 1.4c.deb
Cyfix 1.6.7.deb

Cylay 3.5.2.deb

Cyntact 1.3.3-1 (Cracked).deb
Cyntact 1.4.1-1 (Cracked).deb

DataBlocker 1.1.deb

Destroy (Prank) 1.0.deb

DeviceSwitch 1.0.deb
DeviceSwitch 1.0-1.deb

Direct Closer Pro 1.1 (Cracked).deb


DisplayOut 1.3.1 (Cracked).deb
DisplayOut 1.3.2 (Cracked).deb
DisplayOut 1.3.3 (Cracked).deb

DisplayRecorder 1.0.0-1 (Cracked).deb
      • DisplayRecorder Dependencies: Download
DownloadTime 1.0.deb

EasyWakeup 2.7.4 (Cracked).deb

Element 0.9.37-1.deb
Element 0.9.43-1.deb
Element 0.9.44-1.deb
Element 0.9.45-1.deb
Element 0.9.46-1.deb

Element Dock

Elert 0.96.1 (Cracked).deb
Elert 4.1.4   (Cracked).deb
Elert 4.2.1   (Cracked).deb

Emoji Enabler 1.0.deb

eWiFi 2.0.3.deb

External iPod Controls 1.0 (Cracked).deb

Extreme WiFi (Free).deb

EXDecline 1.1 (Cracked).deb

Facebook 1.1 (Cracked).deb

Facebreak 1.12 (Cracked).deb
Facebreak 1.15 (Cracked).deb
Facebreak 1.16 (Cracked).deb

Fake Caller ID 2.4.deb
Fake Caller ID 2.7.12.deb

Fake About Screen 1.0.deb
Fake About Screen 1.1.deb

Fake Crasher 1.0.deb
Fake Crasher 1.1.deb

FakeLocation 1.2.1.deb
FakeLocation 1.3.deb
FakeLocation 1.3.2 (Cracked).deb

Fake Power 1.0.deb

FartMachine 1.0.deb

FastNumberc 1.4.4 (Cracked).deb

FastReader 1.0 (Cracked).deb

FastSnap 1.32 (Cracked).deb
FastSnap 1.31 (Cracked).deb
FastSnap 1.3 (Cracked).deb

FeedMyHome 1.2.1.deb
FeedMyHome 1.5.deb

FinderMobile 1.0.deb
FinderMobile 2.6.deb

Firewall iP 1.0_    (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.0-1_ (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.1_    (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.1-1_ (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.1-2_ (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.1-3_ (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.2      (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.2-1   (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.2-3   (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.30    (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.31    (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.35    (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.39    (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.39-1 (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.39-2 (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.39-4 (Cracked).deb
Firewall iP 1.49-1 (Cracked).deb

Fix Safari Cookies 1.2.deb

Flashlight 2.4.deb
Flashlight 2.5.deb
Flashlight 2.6.deb

FlexBook 1.0.deb
FlexBook 1.1.deb

FontSwap 1.5.deb
FontSwapStarter 1.0.deb

Frash 0.01.deb
Frash 0.02.deb

FreeFlix 2.2.deb
FreeFlix 2.7.deb
FreeFlix 2.8.deb

Free Movies 2.0.deb
Free Movies 3.0.deb
Free Movies 4.1.deb
Free Movies 5.0.deb
Free Movies 5.1.deb

French Extended Keyboard 1.0.deb

Front Contacts 1.1.7 (Cracked).deb
Front Contacts 1.2    (Cracked).deb

FullPreview 1.0 (Cracked).deb
FullPreview 2.0 (Cracked).deb

FullScreenSafari 1.14beta (Cracked).deb

FunnyPictures 1.2.deb

Fuzzyband 3.1.3-1.deb
Fuzzyband 4.1-1.deb

Gawk 3.1.6-2.deb

GetSomeInfo 1.0.deb

GetText 0.17-6.deb

GlovePod 1.1.deb
GlovePod 1.2.deb
GlovePod 1.2.2-1.deb
GlovePod 1.2.2.deb
GlovePod 1.2.3.deb
GlovePod 1.2.4.deb
GlovePod 1.2.5.deb

Glowing Clock 1.0.deb
Glowing Clock 1.1.deb

GNU Debugger 962-5.deb

GPower Pro 3.0-1 (Cracked).deb

gPS Serial 1.3.1.deb
gPS Serial 1.4.2.deb

gps-sms 1.0.0.deb
gps-sms 1.1-6.deb
gps-sms 1.2.0.deb
gps-sms 1.3.0.deb

GridTab for Safari 1.0-0 (Cracked).deb
GridTab for Safari 1.1-1 (Cracked).deb

GriP 0.1-11p.deb
GriP 0.1-11r.deb

GriP SMS Notification 1.1(1).deb
GriP SMS Notification 1.1.deb

GroupSend 1.2-1 (Cracked).deb

GuizmOVPN 0.9.6 (Cracked).deb

GV Mobile+ 2.0.10 (Cracked).deb

HapticPro 1.2.0 (Cracked).deb

HD Photographer 1.1-23 (Cracked).deb

HD Video Enabler for 3GS.deb

HiddenSMS Lite v1.4.9.deb

Hidden Status Bar 1.0.deb

Hot Girlz Wallpaper Center 3.0.deb

HWPlanner 3.0.deb

iAcces 3044 (Cracked).deb
iAcces 4.1-405302 (Cracked).deb
iAcces for China 48.63.01.deb

iAccounts 1.03 (Cracked).deb

iAdKiller 0.1.deb

iAWeatherSlider 1.0.deb

iAzerty 1.0.deb

iBassGuitar 1.0.deb

iBattery 1.0.deb

iBirthday v2.0.deb

iBlacklist 3-1.1.8 (Cracked).deb
iBlacklist 3.1-4    (Cracked).zip
iBlacklist 3.1       (Cracked).deb
iBlacklist 4.0-2    (Cracked).deb
iBlacklist 4.0-2A  (Cracked).deb
iBlacklist 4.0-5    (Cracked).deb
iBlacklist 4.2       (Cracked).deb
iBlacklist 4.2.1    (Cracked).deb

iBlank 2.0.deb
iBlank 3.0.2.deb
iBlank 3.0.3.deb

iBlueNova 2.0.1 (Cracked).deb
iBlueNova 2.0    (Cracked).deb

iBluetooth 3.0 (Cracked).deb

iBluever 1.0.11 (Cracked).zip

iBongo 1.0.deb

iBrowse 1.0.deb

iBye 1.0    (Cracked).deb
iBye 1.1    (Cracked).deb
iBye 2.4.2 (Cracked).deb
iBye 2.4.3 (Cracked).deb

iCallAnnounce 1.2 (Cracked).deb

iChatOnline 1.0.deb

iConHarvester 1.0.1-1 (Not-Cracked).deb

IconSupport 1.3.deb

iControl 1.0-1 (Cracked).deb

iDashboard 1.0.1 (Cracked).deb
iDashboard (Cracked).deb

iDiscreteJB 1.3.1-1 Cracked.deb

iDitDahText 1.1-1 Cracked.deb


iFile 1.1.0-1 (Cracked).deb
iFile 1.2.0-1 (Cracked).deb
iFile 1.2.0-1 (Cracked) [Fixed].deb
iFile 1.3.0-2 (Cracked) [Fixed].deb
iFile 1.3.1-1 (Cracked).deb

iFortuneTeller 1.0.deb

iGoogler 1.0 (Cracked).deb

iGotYa 1.0.11-1 (Cracked).deb
iGotYa 1.0.17-1 (Cracked).deb

iHome 1.0.02-1.deb
iHome 1.0.02-4.deb

iKeyEx3 0.2b (Cracked).deb
iKeyEx3         (Cracked).deb
iKeyEx5 Row Alt Keyboard 0.2b.deb

iLinkedIn Cydget 0.1.deb

iLockMusic 1.0.deb
iLockMusic 1.2 (Cracked).deb

iMaraca 1.0.deb

iMemory 1.1 (Cracked).deb

iMobileCinema SBSettings 2.2.2763-b7.deb
iMobileCinema 2.2.2763-b7.deb

iMuzik 1.1.deb

iNaise 1.0.deb

iNES 1.4.deb

iNetlog Cydget_0.1.deb

Infiniboard 1.4.1-1 (Cracked).deb
Infiniboard 1.4.2-1 (Cracked).deb
Infiniboard 1.4.3-1 (Cracked).deb
Infiniboard 1.5.3-1 (Cracked).deb
Infiniboard 1.6-17  (Cracked).deb
Infiniboard 1.6.4-1 (Cracked).deb
Infiniboard 1.7.2-1 (Cracked).deb

Infinidock 1.6.1-1 (Cracked).deb
Infinidock 1.6.5-1 (Cracked).deb
Infinidock 1.6.6-1 (Cracked).deb
Infinidock 1.6.9-1 (Cracked).deb

Infinifolders 1.1-1    (Cracked).deb
Infinifolders 1.2-5    (Cracked).deb
Infinifolders 1.3.1-1 (Cracked).deb


Insomnia Pro 4.0.2 (Cracked).deb
Insomnia Pro 4.0    (Cracked).deb
Insomnia Pro 4.0    (Fixed & Cracked).deb
Insomnia Pro 4.1    (Cracked).deb
Insomnia Pro 4.2-1 (Cracked).deb

Inspell 1.2.0 (Cracked).deb

install0us 2.5.1.deb
Install0us Beta 3.0.ß1.3
Install0us Beta 3.0.ß2install0us 2.5.2.The.End.deb
Install0us 2.5.2-1.deb

Install0us Home Screen 1.0.1.deb

Installous 3 3.6.deb 
Installous 4
Installous 4
Installous 4
Installous 4
Installous 4 4.1.deb

Installous Status Bar 1.0 [OpenNotifier]

Instapaper Safari Plugin 1.0 (Cracked).deb
Instapaper Saferi Plugin 1.15 (Cracked).deb

IntelliDial 2.90.1 (Cracked).deb
IntelliDial 4.1.8   (Cracked).deb
IntelliDial 4.2.1   (Cracked).deb

IntelliScreen 2.95.4 (Cracked).deb
IntelliScreen 2.96.2 (Cracked).deb
IntelliScreen 2.96.5 (Cracked).deb
IntelliScreen 2.96.7 (Cracked).zip
intelliScreen 4.6.2   (Cracked).deb
intelliScreen 4.7.1   (Cracked).deb
IntelliScreen 4.8.3   (Cracked).deb 

IntelliShared 3.1.2 (Cracked).deb
IntelliShared 3.2.1.deb
IntelliShared 3.2.3.deb
IntelliShared 4.7.1.deb
IntelliShared 4.8.3.deb

InternetTethering 3.0.deb

iPhoneDelivery 0.1.1.deb
iPhoneDelivery 0.1.2.deb
iPhoneDelivery 0.1.3.deb
iPhoneDelivery 0.1.4.deb
iPhoneDelivery 0.1.5.deb
iPhoneDelivery 0.2.1.deb
iPhoneDelivery 0.3.1.deb
iPhoneDelivery 0.3.3.deb
iPhoneDelivery 0.3.8.deb

iPhoneTool 1.1.deb
iPhoneTool 1.2.deb


iPicMyContacts 1.15 (Cracked).deb
iPicMyContacts 1.16 (Cracked).deb
iPicMyContacts 1.1   (Cracked).deb
iPicMyContacts 1.31 (Cracked).deb
iPicMyContacts 1.33 (Cracked).deb

iPlayTunes 1.0 (Cracked).deb

iPodClassic iClassic Theme 1.0.deb
iPodClassic Theme.rar

iPodMovieInfo Lite 1.0.deb

iPodRemoteController 1.0 (Cracked).deb

iPonder 1.0.deb

iProtect 1.2 (Cracked).zip
iProtect 1.1 (Cracked).deb

iQwerty 1.0 (Cracked).deb

iQWERTZ 1.0 (Cracked).deb
iQWERTZ 1.2.1.deb

iRealQuickSMS (Cracked).zip

iRealSMS (keygen).exe
iRealSMS 3.0       (Cracked).deb
iRealSMS (Cracked).deb
iRealSMS dylib.dylib

iRemix 1.0.deb
iRemix 1.03 (Cracked).deb
iRemix 1.04 (Cracked).deb
iRemix 1.06 (Cracked).deb

iRetroPhone 1.0.deb

iRunning 1.0.deb

iScheduler 1.0.2 (Cracked).deb
iScheduler 1.0.4 (Cracked).deb
iScheduler 1.03  (Cracked).deb
iScheduler 1.1.1 (Cracked).deb
iScheduler 1.1.2 (Cracked).deb
iScheduler 1.1    (Cracked).deb
iScheduler 1.2    (Cracked).deb

iSearchIt 1.0.deb
iSearchIt 1.1-1.deb
iSearchIt 1.1.deb

iShakeLock 0.1.deb
iShakeLock 0.11.deb
iShakeLock 0.20.deb
iShakeLock 1.00.deb
iShakeLock (French) 0.11-1.deb

iSHSHit 1.0.0 (Cracked).deb

iSilent 2.0.0-7 (Cracked).deb
iSilent 2.0.0-9 (Cracked).deb

iSmartDialer 3.04 (Cracked).deb

iSNES 1.0.deb

iSpanks 0.1.deb
iSpanks 0.5.deb

ListLauncher 1.2-1 (Cracked).deb

Lockinfo (Cracked).deb

MultiCleaner 2.5 (Cracked).deb

Multifl0w 2.0.4_(Cracked).deb
Multifl0w 2.1.1 (Cracked).deb 

My3G 4.6.1  (Cracked).deb
My3G 4.7.1 (Cracked).deb

MyProfiles 4.3.3 (Cracked).deb

MyStrings 2.0 (Cracked).deb
MyWi 3.4.1 (Cracked).rar

Notified Pro 1.5.3 (Cracked).deb

PkgBackup 4.0.5 (Cracked).deb
PkgBackup 4.2.7 (Cracked).deb

RemindMeLater 1.1-80 (Cracked).deb

SBRotator 1.04 (Cracked).deb
SBRotator 1.20 (Cracked).deb - iOS 4.x
SBRotator 2.1.5 (Cracked).deb - iOS 3.x

SBRotator SBSettings Toggle 1.0-6.deb

ScrollingBoard 1.14 (Cracked).deb

Synchronicity 1.0.3 (Cracked).deb

TetherMe 1.3-20 (Cracked).deb

Tlert 4.3.5 (Cracked).deb
Tlert 4.4.1 (Cracked).deb

ZhuyinOptimizedKeyboard 1.2 (Cracked).deb

WinterBoard Themes
A1 Black Granite 1.0 Theme.deb
F3 Lockscreen 1.0.deb
Five Picture Fade Theme 1.1.2.deb
Five Picture Fade Theme 1.1.9.deb
Five Picture Fade JPG Theme 1.1.9.deb
Gradiance v4 4.01.deb
Gruppled Art
Gruppled LockInfo Theme
Installous HD Icon Theme 1.2


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100% funcionable muy bueno

AlTaF Shaikh said...
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